Little Italy Condos

The Little Italy Neighborhood is located on the Northern most section of Downtown San Diego with its hard to miss historic "Little Italy" sign located over the center of India Street.  This area is rich with history as a unique ethnic neighborhood.  Today, the neighborhood still retains its Italian roots due to many Italian families who came to San Diego to participate in the profitable Tuna trade of the last century.  You will find many local bistros, pubs, restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, boutiques, and neighborhood businesses along tree-lined India Street.  The neighborhood is also host to festivals and parades, including the famous Art walk and Festa celebrating Italian Heritage. 

It is not uncommon to see a new loft complex located next to an old Victorian or Craftsman style house or a modern furniture store located next to a traditional Italian Deli as Little Italy is an eclectic mixture of both modern and classic architecture.  This diverse collection of living options and local business gives Little Italy its unique and "local” character.